How does Expenzia benefit you?

expense-management-techUsing Expenzia to automate your business processes may be the single biggest competitive advantage you can give your company. While the implementation of an ERP system may seem arduous, it is definitely easy with Expenzia. Expenzia can help businesses move from paper or spreadsheet based tracking and accounting to a more robust cloud based business management platform.

With Expenzia's simple, easy and effective solution, your business will spend less time redoing or correcting mistakes and more time reaping the rewards of improved productivity. We help companies improve their sales cycles, get better insights into their business, simplify accounting and improve compliance. No installation required and no need to take periodic backups. What’s more, all this comes at a very business friendly price.

Increase productivity

Expenzia empowers you to take the leap forward in productivity enhancement. Enable employees to complete their routine tasks more effectively. Automate or eliminate chores for employees. Free up employee time for more mission critical and revenue generating activities.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

Expenzia is simple to learn, easy to use and effective to get the job done. Expenzia is quickly deployable and even your least tech-savvy employees require minimal training.

Prevent Data Loss

Paper documents or spreadsheets saved on employee desktops can easily be lost causing a great deal of hardship to the business. With Expenzia, your valuable data is backed up daily to prevent data loss.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Easily access your data from anywhere, anytime and on any device. No installation and no maintenance costs.

Reduce pilferage and fraud

Expenzia helps you reduce accounting errors and over payments. Find duplicate invoices submitted by vendors or dubious expense claims from employees. Track advances paid to vendors and employees.

You can try Expenzia for free – No credit card or other guarantees required. Call us for a free demo.

Optimise Inventory Levels

Expenzia includes easy to comprehend reports that provide data on stocktake variance, product profitability, stock levels et al to streamline your inventory and reduce carrying costs.

Improve Business

Expenzia makes managing your business simple, easy and effective. Expenzia has been developed with utmost flexibility and functionality. It is customizable to suit the unique needs of your company.

Increase Compliance

Expenzia streamlines business processes and places checks on activity to ensure that they are completed as planned. Audit trails and security logs encourage adherence to business processes.

Reduce Business Risk

Approval levels and customer credit limits can be set up to reduce exposure to business risks. Ageing reports highlight potential collection issues and prompt early action.

Actionable Analytics

Expenzia provides handy reports and analytics that give actionable insights to make good business decisions. Reports and analytics can be customized according to the needs of the business.

More Professional Outlook

Expenzia gives your business a more professional image as you will have access to all figures, graphs & reports relating to your company at your fingertips. You can also generate customized invoices, quotations and other documents to make your paperwork look more professional.

Better Relationship management

Expenzia also helps your business in tracking customers, vendors, payments, receipts etc. to better engage with your stakeholders. Manage relationships better with accurate and easily accessible stakeholder data.

Reduce Reliance on paper

With Expenzia, you can do away with going over paper receipts, purchase orders and invoices. No more cooking spread sheets to prepare quotes or file your claims. Your data can be easily exported or posted to your accountant’s system to simplify your accounting chores.

How do we compare with other solutions?