How is your business?

Many business managers cannot answer that as accurately and as effortlessly as they would like. But there is help … Expenzia can firmly put you in control of your business.
Expenzia is a business management software that provides solutions for companies to better manage their business. Simple, Easy, Effective.

Expenzia simply makes managing all kinds of sales, purchases and expenses easy and more efficient. Expenzia has been developed with utmost flexibility, functionality and is customizable to suit the unique needs of your company.

You can try Expenzia for free – No credit card or other guarantees required. Call us for a free demo.

Cloud based (SaaS model) Web application

Easily deployable for your business. Free setup and free trial period. Available anywhere, anytime and on any device, keeps you in touch with your business round the clock.

Configuration Management

Easy to use configuration management allows your company to easily customize Expenzia for your unique requirements.

Managing Sales

Expenzia lets users quickly build invoices with pre-configured products or ad hoc additions to provide great flexibility for small and medium organisations.


Expenzia enables your business to comply with the requirements of GST, VAT or TDS. Easily calculate input and output taxes for the period. Make accurate GST/VAT claims.

Manage customer returns

Manage customer returns by creating credit memos from invoices avoiding duplicate data entry. Apply credit memos against invoices to process payments accurately.

No maintenance, No installation

Being a hosted platform, you don’t need to install multiple versions of software on your own. And no need to incur staff costs to maintain databases or prevent data corruption.

Customize Quotations and Invoices

Expenzia lets you customize your quotations, invoices and other documents to better suit your business needs and to give your company a more professional image.


Use any currency for your invoices, purchase orders or expenses. Expenzia automatically suggests exchange rates to use. Alternately use exchange rates prescribed by your company.

Sales Orders, Progress Invoices

Expenzia helps you manage your sales orders to stay on track of longer term projects or jobs. You can also create progress invoices based on work completion and track them on the order.

Customer credit limits

Manage your risk by limiting customer credit based on past customer experience. Monitor ageing reports to view accounts receivables at risk and escalate action.

Pay as you go

No large licensing fees to pay upfront. No capital expenditure for hardware. Pay only a monthly subscription fee. Suits small and medium organisations.

Streamlined workflow

Convert quotes to orders or invoices without duplicate data entry. Greater flexibility means you can skip steps to make the processing faster.

Printer friendly documents

Generate printer friendly documents like quotes, invoices, delivery notes, payments receipts, purchase orders, payment vouchers, bank reconciliation statements, credit memos, debit memos et al with ease.

Roles and Departments

With Expenzia you can configure user roles or create virtual departments within your organisation to limit access to data. This also helps in delineation of work and streamlines workflow.

Barcode on documents

Optionally add barcodes to your documents, to expedite future processing of those documents. Improve productivity of your accounts team handling collections and reduce processing errors.

Online Help and Support

Easily get in touch with our team and get the support you require. We can fix any issue remotely by making changes on our end. We work hard to keep everything working for you.

Manage Purchases

Expenzia uses a simplified but effective purchasing process to handle product purchases, asset purchases and regular expenses with ease.

Asset Management

Keep your books organised by accounting for all assets in your organisation. Ensure that all eligible depreciation or capital allowances are claimed in your returns.

Inventory Management

Make optimal use of inventory while preventing loss of sales from out of stock products. Expenzia uses perpetual inventory management to provide you a live picture of your business.

Product and Job Costing

Keep accurate tabs on product or job costing using bill of materials or assemblies to add all related costs like freight, customs or labour to your inventory.

Security and Access controls

Security is paramount to you. So access to your account is limited by access controls configured by you. Actions by users are also logged for audit trail.

Bank reconciliation

Track your bank accounts and match your bank transactions with data entry. Prepare bank reconciliation statements to verify that no transactions are left out.


View all data as double entry transactions automatically created by the system in the appropriate ledgers. This data can be exported for accountants to use.

Financial Statements

Create financial statements like balance sheet, profit & loss statement and cash flow statement. Finalize and close accounting period to prevent further data entry for those periods.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Helps businesses make informed decisions based on data. Analyse trends in sales, purchases and inventory to cut costs.

Private hosting

Your business is growing. Do you want more control and privacy than offered by shared hosting? Expenzia can be privately hosted in-premise or on the cloud. Please contact us for details.

Employee Expense Reports

Easily collect and manage approval workflow for expenses claimed by employees. Allows employees to collaborate and file combined expense claims. Track expenses by project.

Employee Advances and Reimbursements

Track advances made to employees in various currencies. Setoff expense claims against the advances and reimburse/collect outstanding.

Business Reports

Expenzia includes a large number of standard reports to help you quickly collect and analyse data. Data can be exported for additional processing in spreadsheets.

Customer and Vendor Management

View contracts for customers or vendors and track contract expiry dates. Manage advances collected or paid. Track follow ups.